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Dr. Matcheswalla has initiated & conducted multiple major national and international conferences, seminars, CMEs, talks, workshops etc. that have been graced by renowned speakers in the field of child, adolescent & adult psychiatry and received accolades from various quarters. He also has made his presence felt at National & International forums through his role as a speaker on various issues & aspects of psychiatry.

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Consultation at Balaji's Hospital

MultiSpeciality Hospital, Balaji Hospital at Byculla East has started charitable psychiatric services under the renowned psychiatrist and recently awarded International Distinguished Fellow, by the American Psychiatric Association, (APA), Dr YA Matcheswalla. The renowned psychiatrist will be offering consultation services on Charitable basis at the Balaji Hospital, on Sant Savta Road, Cross Lane III, Near Gloria Church & Hotel Heritage, Byculla East, Mumbai 27. The consultation hours will be daily from 9 am to 11 am every morning. The people are requested to make the most of this opportunity.
In his professional work,Dr. Matcheswalla receives tremendous support from his team of qualified and experienced therapists, which includes Psychiatric Social Workers,Family Therapists, Deaddiction Specialists, Counselors,RCI Registered Clinical Psychologists,Occupational Therapists,Yoga Therapists, etc. who have relevant expertise and experience in handling a wide array of psychiatric issues across various clients.